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wow .. !! ^-^
17th day of 2005
tomorrow's school .. aww .. dat just sux butt !! T^T yahh i'm updating nutang .. fo once .. =D well .. check bakk to my xanga .. if u wanna kno more boutz me .. i update atleast once day .. =0D XANGA FREAKK!!

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confused ..
358th day of 2004
NUTANG is so confusing.. o_O
I LOVE XANGA! muwahahahahaha!! ^^
my xanga's http://www.xanga.com/luvyooh4eva
my cyworld's http://www.cyworld.com/heyitzsaemyi
newhooz .. winter break's been kinda BLEH ..
seriously ..
well .. i'm not gunna update here for awhile ..
like never .. wahahaha!!
just go check maii xanga ..
i update like 10 times a day ..!! haha ^^
LoVe ya!

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194th day of 2004
Be it extremely emotional, controversial, messed up, or whatever, this entry has been password protected.

If you know it, enter it; or, ask me for it.

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sUm fUnNi picTurez!!
182th day of 2004

hey ya'll!! i sorta figured dis NUTANG thing out.. haha wellz.. not reallie but itz okae.. lol DRIVER's Ed todai waz FUN FUN FUN.. NOT! haha Danny got in trouble kuz he waz sleeping a little.. BTW, danny's a friend from church.. [kelsey waz asking me last time] yahh.. maybe i shuld've gone to dat free concert.. naww.. i waz too exausted.. yesterday.. i had a great time w/ da HONG family.. Paul n Danny oppa both r heka funni.. ESP. Paul oppa.. i'll post sum pix later.. after i write.. aiite? newayz.. adultz were talken so me, my sis, danny, n paul.. went to go hang out w/ ourselves.. keke we took mad CRAZY pictures.. lol Paul oppa bought us ice cream kuz we bought him cake n a present for his b-day from couple dayz ago.. umm.. da guy at mickey D messed up da orders at first.. haha he sed 3 cookies & creme dippin dotz n 1 strawberry dippin dotz.. n da guy put WATER for sum reason.. DUMMY.. haha it waz CRAzY haha i wanna go drive w/ my PERMIT.. keke i'll go w/ my dad wen my mom comes bakk from wherever she went.. haha umm.. i'll shut up nowz n post sum pix..

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180th day of 2004
i made dis nutang thing LONG time ago.. but i nvr used it... newayz.. wat i'm gunna do is just copy da blog from my xanga.. aiite?

mahn.. i'm tired.. Driver's ed is pretty gay.. haha but i kan get my permit tomorrow.. hehe so itz all good..!! but da teach talked for da WHOLE 2 hours.. dang.. i waz falling asleep like KRAZY..!! yah... but itz ok kuz atleast i kno wun person.. ya kno?! newayz... afterwards.. my sis n dad kame to pick us up.. us as in me n danny.. me, sis, danny went to library.. kuz our mom's wants us to study together.. we ended up nothing.. basically.. i waz reading from time to time.. my sis read magazine.. danny.. played cards w/ his lil friends.. newayz.. as soon as we got to da library.. we were all hungry so we decided to walk 2 teriyaki place by winco.. ate katsu.. it waz good.. but i over stuffed myself. eekk!! went bakk to library.. i started reading.. n all.. yah.. DANNY IS A MEANIE!! he waz like choking me w/ my hood while i waz walken.. n he choked me for realz.. w/ his arm.. n he whipped my leg w/ his stupid key thing.. urghh..!! MEANIE..!! newayz.. danny's fwend's bike got stolen.. haha datz pretty funni.. kinda sad but funni.. lol so tired.. newayz.. my parents picked three of us up.. dropped him off.. n went to mall.. to buy paul oppa's late b-day present.. keke yah.. james kalled like few minutes ago.. to hang out but i sed no.. kuz i'm tired.. i'd rather jusz chill at home riite nowz... haha

yesterday.. it waz hilarious..!! haha after band practice.. eunice n eunji were habing dere own private practice.. so we all went into da office where da rest of da non-band memberes were.. danny n minji got into a fight.. n dey went outside of da office.. n we all locked ourselves into da office.. n sum1 HAD to open da freakin door.. n minji n danny both attacked evry1.. me da worstest from danny.. kuz i kept hitting him bakk.. urghh!! my arms were burning so much!! kuz he waz twisting my arms.. i waz all whining.. n justin waz mocking me so i waz like shutup justin.. n den he sed he wouldnt give me a ride to stephanie's house.. kuz i waz going over.. yahh.. newayz.. at steph's house.. we were all bored to death.. my sis kept taking weird pix w/ my digi camera.. >-< n danny kept taking weird pix w/ justin's phone.. haha some pix were hilarious..!! yahh.. we ate food.. n we were bored.. n we went outside.. walked around.. n we all went home... we were all so bored... n yet.. we had FUN! haha

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